Come Join the Pod People

Bod PodIf you don’t know where you are, how can you know where you’re going?

That’s the thought behind one of the new additions to CBRC’s whole body health tool box.

Many people go to the gym because they want to lose weight.  But few actually know what that means.

What you should focus on, instead of losing weight, is losing body fat.

What’s the difference?

There are two ways to lose weight.  Losing body fat, or losing lean mass.

Lean mass means losing muscle.  You don’t want to do that.

Muscles don’t only help you lift heavy objects and look good in a swimsuit.  They’re essential for healthy living.

So you want to focus on losing body fat, while maintaining lean mass.

But how can you determine your body composition?  That is, how much of your weight is made up of body fat, and how much is lean mass?

There are several ways to check.

The “gold standard” is called the hydrostatic wing.  It requires you to get in a small pool of water and let out all the air in your body while being completely submerged.

Sounds like a good time, right?

Apart from the hassle of finding one (they’re typically used at larger facilities, like universities), they’re expensive.  And wet.

Another method is called bioelectrical impedance.  That means you get the pleasure of sending an electrical current through your body.  Shocking, isn’t it.

It’s affected by how much water you’ve had to drink lately.  So, it’s not very reliable.

How about calipers?  Inaccurate, with lots of user error.  Besides, who likes being pinched?

So how can you find an easy, painless, accurate, convenient, and affordable way to measure your body composition?

Enter the Bod Pod.

The Bod Pod is every bit as accurate as the hydrostatic wing, without using a drop of water.

It’s really very simple.  You sit comfortably inside a small chamber.  The machine pumps air into the chamber to raise pressure to a preset level.

The amount of air it takes to raise the pressure to that preset level corresponds to your body volume.  When combined with your body weight, the Bod Pod calculates your lean mass and body fat.

The whole process takes a couple minutes.

And no one pinches you.  Or shocks you.

It’s totally painless.  It’s safe for children or pregnant women.  In fact, there isn’t a population that wouldn’t be safe using the Bod Pod.

Simply put, it’s the quickest, most convenient, most accurate method of measuring your body composition available.

If only there was a Bod Pod nearby, somewhere you already go, operated by people you trust.

If only . . .

Well, you’re in luck.  We’ve got one right here at CBRC, just waiting for you.

The price is just $35 for members, and the whole experience takes just a few minutes.

Kelly Sherman is our local expert.  Make a Bod Pod appointment with her, and get started on your fat reduction journey today.

We wish you good health,

Columbia Basin Racquet Club


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