Want to improve your game? Give this a try.

CBRC has dominated the recent Eastern WA – or “local area” – round of the US Tennis Association’s annual tournament.  Ten teams tennis-2585621_640successfully advanced to sectionals.

That means they had the opportunity to represent eastern Washington in Men’s, Ladies’ and Mixed, alongside teams from all over Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska.

At sectionals, several achieved second or third place.  And we still have a team or two playing in September (wish them good luck)!

That is a huge showing for our gym, here in the Tri-Cities.

What’s our secret?  Do we recruit the best tennis talent from all over the state, to come live in the desert, so they can play for us?  Of course not.

Is it because we have the best pros, and the best training program?  Nope.  (Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we do.)

Do the teams practice every waking hour of every week?  No.

Here’s the secret:  We all get better together.

That’s the way Will Taylor puts it (you know, he’s the guy in charge of tennis).

The secret is the community.

You see, when you play tennis with CBRC, you’re not just playing a game.  Or just burning calories.  Or just getting fit.

You’re part of a growing community of people who want to see you succeed.

For example: one of the sectional teams consists of two men who weren’t playing on a team at all a year ago.

They met at the Club, formed a bond, and joined as a team.  Now, even after the tournament, they still go to the Club to play for fun.

Why do these teams do so well?  Because when they are out there playing for a team, they want to perform well.  Not for themselves, but because they want their team to succeed.

Contrary to popular belief, tennis is not an individual sport.  No one succeeds in a vacuum.

Working with a team is – simply put – fun.  It’s fun to travel with your team to Spokane or Portland to play a tournament.

When it’s all over, hopefully you’ve won.  But even if you haven’t, you’ll still go out for drinks or dinner afterward.

The camaraderie that naturally occurs causes people to want to be better for their teams.

One thing CBRC likes to do to foster that sense of camaraderie is hosting tennis socials.

Tennis socials are open to all ages and skill levels.  It’s truly a community event.

You spend the first 45 minutes or so on the court with the pros, running some fun drills.  After that, you’re teamed up and play some matches.  You can come with friends, or by yourself.

Everyone gets the same opportunity to play.

And by-the-way, it’s a potluck.  So when you’re not playing, you’re eating and hanging out with your new best friends.

And it’s free with your full membership.

The next tennis social is coming up this September 15th.  Come by and check it out.

But whether you can make the social or not, if you’re looking for a solid community of positive people who want each other to succeed, come by the courts sometime.

We’ll see you there.

We wish you good health,

Columbia Basin Racquet Club


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