“Off-Season” Swim Lessons?

kimfetrow2015_dsc_5680There are some very important, life-saving skills we teach our kids: how to cross the street without getting hit by a car, to buckle up when we drive places, to be wary of strangers who offer you a ride, and how to be safe and/or avoid drowning when in the water. We don’t take a nine month hiatus from the first three skills- yet so often we think of water safety as “a summertime thing.”

Here at CBRC we believe that water safety and swimming skills are lifelong and year round endeavors. True, we have more swimmers at the Club in the summer months, but we work with swimmers (and non-swimmers) of all levels year round. We wholeheartedly believe that kids who receive swim instruction in the “other nine months” are stronger, safer swimmers in the summer pool season. Hand in hand with that statement, however, we always remind parents that no amount of swim instruction can replace parental supervision. Engaged parents AND strong swimming skills are what keep your kids safe.

Here are some of the reasons why our members choose swim lessons during the off season:

-It frees up your summer months for months for fun

Taking swim lessons in the off season means that your kids are prepped and ready to go when summertime does roll around. This gives them confidence and you peace of mind on that first pool visit of the summer. Off-season lessons also means more time for summer fun, as you don’t have to fit swim lessons into an already busy summer schedule.

-It extends the summer fun (and keeps the family fit)

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the fun has to be. Kids who LOVED the water this summer can keep their skills sharp and continue their favorite physical activity even as the weather turns cooler. Water fitness is a great way to keep kids active- in a fun way. Try this: “hey kids, want to go run laps?!” or “kids, hop in the car, let’s go play in the pool!” Just about every kid will choose the second option- just don’t tell them that swimming is also working out (shhhh- our secret:).

-It fits your schedule

We schedule swim lessons for after school weeknights and on the weekends, so they’re easy to fit into a  school-year routine. And for preschoolers and homeschoolers we offer morning classes (if you don’t see your preferred time on the schedule- just ask! Sometimes we can add a class if there is enough interest and availability). Our next session of swim lessons starts September 5th. Classes run every 5-8 weeks all year round (length of sessions depends on schedules and holidays).

-It keeps the kids from climbing the walls at home

When the weather turns cold and there are fewer outdoor activities the warm pool house is really inviting. This past winter (the 2016/17 snowpocalypse-that-wouldn’t-end;) Saturday mornings were a happy, busy time in the poolhouse. It may seem a little strange at first to wear snowboots on the drive to swim lessons, but the pool is a perfect place to use up all that “climbing-the-walls” energy from being cooped up at home.

We’ve posted on water safety before and shared our beliefs behind our aquatics programs. Water safety is a really big deal– swimming skills can (and will) save your child’s life. We want to help you keep those skills sharp and help kids gain confidence in the water. If you want to know more about our “off-season” aquatics programs, please give us a call.

We wish you good health,

Columbia Basin Racquet Club


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