Two Months In- MYZONE Progress

download (1)Back in June we introduced a new tool here at CBRC- the MYZONE fitness tracker. To our trainers and members it’s a little like having a new toy, and we’ve been testing and playing with the MYZONE tool and data for two months now.

In our original post we talked about the differences between MYZONE and other fitness tracking tools. The most frequent feedback we’ve heard the past few weeks is “OMG, I didn’t realize how many calories I was actually burning!” Having solid data really helps people adjust their fitness routines and meet their goals. In some cases people were working out a lot harder than they thought they were- those members have learned how and where they need to scale back the intensity. Other members were on the opposite side of the spectrum and learned they were not working out nearly as hard as they perceived- these members have learned where and when to push a little harder.

The MYZONE tracker shows your physical activity via heart rate and categorizes this data into heart rate “zones.” There are gray, blue, green, yellow, and red zones. An effective workout needs to have consistent effort in each of the blue, green, yellow, and red zones.

As we mentioned, some members were pushing really hard and spending all their time in the red zone- which wears you out and won’t help you meet your fitness goals. It is physically impossible to stay in the red zone permanently- your body HAS to have time to recover (see our earlier post on deloading).

Our Fitness Director, Morgan Fewel, says that “Reliable data is THE BEST tool for meeting your fitness goals. Solid data= solid results.” Members are realizing this for themselves as they have used the MYZONE belt. Many members are enjoying their results so much that they never take the trackers off. People are wearing the trackers outside the club as well- hiking, biking, walking, even doing yard work. One member mentioned that he can’t workout without his tracker because he “won’t get ‘credit’ for it.”

Our recent Red, White, and Burn Challenge had members competing for the highest number of points (using the MYZONE data). Everyone was excited to get their points and try to win. Members can see and respond to other people’s workouts, which has brought an additional layer of community (and a little friendly competition) to the gym as well.

So, you can see it has been a lot of fun. Where do we go from here?

We’ll be integrating the MYZONE tool into all our weight loss/fitness programs- like our fall fitness challenge (which beings September 25). We’ll also be using the tracker in our 100-Day challenge. We’ve seen, and proven, that this tool helps members meet their fitness goals more efficiently and effectively. This tool both encourages and pushes you out of your comfort zone. Members who prefer weight training can see exactly where and how they need to add cardio into their routines; and, likewise, members who prefer cardio see where they need to add strength training. It also helps you see where your calories are going- and exactly how many calories you are burning. We are tracking solid data- where we used to have to rely on perceptions and assumptions.

If you want to try out the MYZONE tracker- please ask our front desk staff. As an integrated facility we can offer the tracker at a significant discount to our members (we sell it for $89- vs. the $150 MSRP).

We’d love to hear your MYZONE results- please tell us what YOU think!

We wish you good health,

Columbia Basin Racquet Club


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