Prenatal water aerobics

There’s a new kind of water aerobics class going on here at CBRC, and it’s just for moms.14943118526_1f234cab08_z

Every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from Noon to 1p.m., the moms and moms-to-be take over our pool. Their fearless leader is Kim Shibley, Childbirth Educator with Kadlec Regional Medical Center. Kim has built this class with childbirth education and the needs of new moms in mind.

This class is different from our other water aerobics classes in several ways. For starters, you don’t need to be a member to attend the prenatal water aerobics class. Members are always welcome to attend, non-members are welcome as well, as long as they have a note from their doctor allowing physical exercise.

Also, Kim has specifically scheduled this class for the lunch hour. Many expecting moms will come during their lunch break. This class doesn’t get your head wet, which makes it easy to change back into work clothes and head back to work afterwards.

This is a conversational class. There are stories and chatter, laughing and talking all throughout the class. Not only are women here for physical fitness, they attend for the camaraderie and support received by hanging out with a group of moms who are all doing the same stage of life. Kim says she wants to support not just the physical side of pregnancy, but the emotional side as well.

This isn’t a high impact class with a lot of fancy movements to learn. The class format is very simple and features a lot of repetitive movements. Kim says that muscles are great, but what she wants to prepare women for is the marathon of labor (and the weeks that follow). Labor takes some serious endurance, so endurance is the physical focus of the class. With the simple format you can do no wrong. Not to worry if you’re going left when everyone is going right; for starters, nobody cares, and, since you’re underwater, chances are good that no one is going to notice anyhow! So just show up and enjoy the class. This is a women only class and you wear whatever you’re comfortable in- if that’s a t-shirt and swim shorts there will be absolutely no judgment.

Kim says her class is made up of a lot of first time moms, “they’re here for the support, both physically and emotionally.” Exercising in the water is a low impact, comfortable way to stay active and can help reduce the pressure of a growing belly. The class is for post-partum moms as well, and some moms stay for over a year after baby is born. Whether a member of the club or not, our childcare facilities are available to help with babies (and older kids). Kim says she’s had several moms who joined the class with their first pregnancy, came back a few weeks after baby was born, and stayed in the class until and through their second pregnancy.

Studies show that healthier moms give birth to healthier babies (see our website for more info) We are proud to partner with Kim to offer this class and support expectant and post-partum mothers. The first class is free, non-members just need a doctor’s note to participate. If you’re expecting and looking for a community, we hope you find it here.

For more information please contact our front desk, 509-943-8416.

We Wish You Good Health,

Columbia Basin Racquet Club


Photo Credit: Valentina Yachichurova via Flickr



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