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You’ve seen a little kid with a new toy? They’re super excited and want to tell you all about it. We’re a little bit like that this week (ok, maybe more than a little:). We have a new fitness tech toy; it’s really cool, and we’re excited to share it with you.

Our new tech piece is called MYZONE: it’s a wearable heart rate monitor that does a whole lot more than just track steps and calories. MYZONE is 99.4% accurate at tracking activity and expenditure. This little monitor is taking the health industry by storm- last year they sold 50,000 monitors a month.(1)

CBRC has added technology on our end to fully integrate all of our training areas and fitness classes (except yoga, pilates, and water aerobics) to be MYZONE compatible. This means that (almost) anywhere in the club can track your MYZONE monitor.

So what exactly is MYZONE? It’s a monitor that is worn around your chest. It tracks yourHowItWorks-Step1 heart rate, time spent in each heart rate zone, and calories burned. The monitor connects to your phone or the gym receiver via Bluetooth. Connecting your monitor to your smartphone allows you to see your results in real time, or you can use the installed receivers and access your results from any computer via the web portal. The MYZONE platform allows you to share your results with friends (for those competitive types) and analyze your workouts; it also allows you to share your data with your personal trainer (more on that in a minute).


Here’s an example of the results you’ll see:


Many other wearable tech devices claim to track heart rate- so we put several monitors to the test. One of our members wore both a Fitbit and a MYZONE monitor for the same workout. The workout was 40 minutes; the Fitbit device tracked only 20 minutes and said the wearer had burned 200 calories. The MYZONE device tracked all 40 minutes and said 500 calories were burned.

Another difference between the two devices is that the MYZONE “learns” or adapts to your information. The more you wear it, the more it adapts to you. For example-the fitness industry has been using the Karvonen formula for years: (Heart Rate Maximum – HRrest) x (0.6 -.08) + HRrest = your target exercise heart rate. Using the same formula your maximum heart rate is defined as 220/your age. Conventional wisdom says you should never exceed that heart rate maximum. The MYZONE topples that notion with personal data and gives you a heart rate maximum based solely on YOUR information. An older, very fit person is often given an unrealistic heart rate maximum with the Karvonen formula- someone in very good shape can be limited by this equation. However, with a MYZONE device you’ll be given a personal maximum based on how your heart responds to activity.

Our certified personal trainers are really excited to use this tool with members. The data produced during workouts can be shared with your trainer- this allows your trainer to see how your body REALLY responds to a workout. This information lets the trainer help you achieve results faster, and helps both member and trainer to see when the wearer is pushing too hard and needs to scale back the workouts. It also allows you a tangible calorie count so you know how many calories need replenished after a workout.

As an integrated facility, CBRC has MYZONE bands here at the club and can sell the bands to members (at a significant discount). MYZONE bands retail on their website for $149.99. CBRC sells the same band for $89.

If you’re curious about MYZONE, we’d love to talk to you about it. Give us a call or set up a time to chat with your personal trainer, we’ll help you determine if this tool is a good fit for you.

We wish you good health,

Columbia Basin Racquet Club



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