CBRC Locker Room Updates!

We’ve been busy over here!

As you probably already know, we undertook a major renovation project here at CBRC this year. Both the men’s and women’s locker rooms will be completely renovated by the end of 2017. We outlined the plan and “detours” last month on the blog (read that post here). Now we’re six weeks in and want to give you an update!

Here are some photos of the progress we’ve made:

Week 1 (First week of March):

P1050823 (1)

Day 1 of the project- demolishing the old showers in the (old) men’s locker rooms. (This guy looks like he might be enjoying this 🙂


(also week one) We made quick work of tearing out the old men’s locker room.

Week 2 (second week of March): 


Then it was time to dig out the old (inadequate) plumbing system. We replaced the old with a brand new plumbing system.

3-9-17 #1

(also week two) More plumbing work. It’s a little hard to see trenches cut into our floor- but it will be worth it!

Week 3 (third week of March):

We finished the plumbing and underground work!


We poured new concrete to fill in the trenches- we have a floor again!

Week 4 (fourth week of March):
3.23.17 (1)

The new walls in the Men’s locker room were framed up- they went up pretty quickly.

Week 5 (last week of March):


Then we tackled the HVAC system. Like we mentioned in our first post- this HVAC system was ready to be replaced. Now we have a brand new system!


Replacing the HVAC system is a huge job in itself- but the new system will be more efficient, effective, more energy friendly. We hope this new system serves us even better, and for as many years, as the last system did!

Week 5 (first week of April):


Week 5’s focus was the electrical system. We meant it when we said this space was going to be ALL BRAND NEW!


(also week five) After the wiring was finished we began hanging the sheetrock. This was mostly completed in week five.

Week 6 (This week):

We don’t have any photos for this week yet. We are prepping for tile and beginning to lay the tile in the NEW Men’s locker rooms. This is the biggest part of Phase 1 and could take up to 6 weeks.


And as far as “detours” go: The “Men’s Annex” is currently still available for use. We anticipate the Men’s Annex remaining open through the end of April. At the end of April we will be closing that space for the remainder of Phase 1 (scheduled to last through the end of May). The Men’s Annex will undergo it’s own overhaul during the month of May.


Thank you again for your patience during this process. We will keep you updated here on the blog, at www.mycbrc.com, and on our facebook page. And, as always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

We wish you good health,

Columbia Basin Racquet Club


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