Barre Class- not just for dancers

5281597089_5282fbe8bf_bCBRC now offers Barre inspired classes!

What is a Barre? Picture ballet dancers practicing in studio- you probably imagine dancers stretching next to a rail against a mirror? The French name for that rail is a Barre. While we may not have the actual Barre in studio at CBRC (we use chair backs), we have taken the concept of Barre exercises, combined them with Pilates basics, and created a class that helps you strengthen your core, build lean muscle in the upper and lower body, and increase your flexibility.

Barre classes are for both men and women who want to try Pilates style classes in a whole new way. We move through a lot of standing exercises, really working the core and leg areas. We also add in routines to strengthen arms as well. The Pilates/Barre Fusion classes end on the floor with Pilates mat work. Classes are done barefoot as you would practice Pilates or Yoga.

As with traditional Pilates (we talked about that a few months ago), our Barre classes employ lots of isometric strength training- isometric strength training means many small reps using only the body and opposite muscles as resistance. We also use immovable objects such as walls, chairs, balls, etc. The goal of Pilates and Pilates/Barre classes is to have every piece of the body engaged in its unique function so body is completely working. The result of this method is the long, lean muscle look so many dancers are famous for (no coincidence).

Do you have to have a history in dance to take a Barre class? Absolutely not! These classes are for everyone. And while we may have taken inspiration from Dance- these classes are not “danc-ey.” As a fitness club we cater our classes to the athletic side of Barre practice. You don’t have to be a Pilates expert to take these classes either- we meet you where YOU are and help you work through options for your own practice. The instructors give options for helping to work through knee injury, back injury, or any other area you may have to be careful of (for more on how Pilates helps back injuries- read our previous post).

Want to try it out?  Here’s the schedule: (all classes held in the Pilates Studio)

(Dates apply after Spring break- for full Spring break schedule(April 3-7) see our flyer here)

Mondays- 4:30p Pilates/Barre Fusion class

Wednesdays: 9:15a Pilates/Barre Fusion class

6:30a Body by Barre class

Thursdays:  12:00p Body by Barre class

Fridays 8:45a Body by Barre class


Come check it out and let us know what you think!

We wish you good health,

Columbia Basin Racquet Club

Photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr


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