CBRC Locker Room Remodel in 2017

2017 is a year for a new you, and a new CBRC locker room!

It’s been 30 years since the last locker room overhaul here at CBRC, we’ve done some updates over the years, but it’s time for a complete remodel. Last year we asked you, our members, what you wanted out of our locker room remodel and over 600 of our members responded (thank you!). You told us that better privacy (especially in the showers), and family bathroom space were some of your top concerns. We’ve spent the past year collaborating with designers and architects to turn those requests into working plans- and now we begin the process of turning those plans into reality!

Here’s how it works right now: the Women currently (as of Winter 2017) have two locker rooms, the original women’s locker room built in 1981, plus the “new women’s locker rooms” that were added in 1987 (remodeled from the men’s original locker rooms).

Men currently have a main locker room, which was added in 1987(the old weight room), and a men’s annex which was added in 2005.

When we began surveying about the locker rooms in 2016, in preparation for the 2017 remodel, we discovered some infrastructure problems that needed addressed- things like sewer lines, water pipes, HVAC, etc were just well worn and due for replacement. Instead of working around those things and having to go in and swap them out later we decided to overhaul everything all at once- change the locker rooms and the infrastructure so that the space is completely new. We’re excited for the changes, and grateful for your support and understanding as we overhaul the building this year. Through this process you will get a brand new locker room that is everything you expect from a high end health club.

We are working to keep you updated on the changes this year. You can watch for updates on our dedicated remodel page on the website (link), we’ll also keep you posted via social media with updates using the #CBRCrefresh. We’ll post updates on the weekly timeline located near the front desk and on the community board as well.

Also, keep an eye out for this logo around the club this year as we alert you to detours and changes:constructionlogo

Here’s how it will work:

Phase 1 begins February 27: Lasts through the end of May

During Phase 1 the men will move to the “new women’s locker room” (“new” referring to the 1987 remodel). The women will remain in the “women’s old locker room.” The current men’s locker room will be completely closed, and there will be times where the main corridor and pool entrance will be closed as well. There will still be pool access from both locker rooms, and parents with kids will have the option of an additional entrance (we’ll keep you posted with location of the detour). We will have both locker rooms clearly marked to minimize confusion.

Family changing rooms will remain open throughout the entire process. We will also have lockers (both rental and day use) placed in the hallways near the racquetball courts and in the tennis area. Bathrooms are available next to the kids club, on the upper level, and in the tennis area. The Pelican Bay bathrooms will be available beginning in April.

During Phase 1 we will completely gut the current Men’s locker rooms and install new plumbing and fixtures in the shared wall between the men and women’s locker rooms.

Phase 2 begins June 1: Lasts through the end of August

In Phase 2 the new Men’s locker rooms will be complete (hooray!) and the Women will move into the new space. Why move the women into the new men’s locker rooms? We did this for several reasons, mostly logisitics. This way we only move the women once and the men can stay in the same space for 6 months, the women can enjoy the newest space, and it allows the construction workers access to the current (interim) “men’s” locker room if needed.

During phase 2 the only access to the main pool will be through the newly remodeled main hallway andentrance.  We will be demolishing the former women’s locker room entrance to the pool to as we build the new family bathrooms.

And finally, Phase 3 begins September 1: Lasts through the end of November

During Phase 3 we will move the men out of their locker space: they will have access to the new family locker rooms and we will place a temporary wall allowing men access to the old Men’s locker room annex. The Pelican Bay bathrooms will remain open during this phase to allow for additional changing/restroom space. This will be the most challenging phase for the men- but we promise it will all be worth it! The women will remain in the newly remodeled men’s locker room for the duration of Phase 3. During this time we will be completely gutting and rebuilding the new women’s locker rooms.


Then, just in time for the holidays- we’ll celebrate the completion of the entire process by moving both the men and the women into their brand new space. Just consider it our Christmas gift to you- brand new locker rooms!

Here’s the final layout:


We thank you for your patience during this process. We know it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns during these phases. We are here to help!


We wish you good health,


Columbia Basin Racquet Club


(a concept photo of the finished locker rooms- from the perspective of the pool- Family locker rooms on the left)


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