What on Earth is a Foam Roller?!

So, what is a Foam Roller?foam-roller

No idea what we’re talking about or “I think it’s one of those….” responses?

No problem, let us tell you about it.

A foam roller is a piece of bumpy, hard’ish foam (it looks kind of like a log) that is taking the fitness industry by storm.

Foam rollers have been around since the late 1980’s, but up until recently were only utilized by professional athletes and physical therapists. Now, you can buy them all sorts of places and trainers around the country are helping people discover and learn how to use this awesome tool.

Foam rolling (you can see an example of a roller in the picture above) is kind of like getting a massage, but you can do it anytime, pretty much anywhere, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than heading to a spa or massage parlor. Foam rolling improves your circulation, increases blood flow, releases tight muscles, breaks down knots in your muscles, reduces pain and tension, and helps build flexibility. You can use a foam roller either as a preventative or proactive tool (every day!), or as a solution for pain or muscle tightness (as a reactive tool). Many people also use foam rolling as a cool down routine from their workout. And, since a foam roller is an “unstable” platform, using one can help build core strength as well!

How to use a foam roller?

Master trainer Josh Stolz recently shared what he calls the five most critical rules for getting the most out of your foam roller.

  • Drink plenty of water first:This helps to keep your tissues hydrated and more pliable during rolling, so drink a large glass of water first.
  • Use your roller for warm-ups and cool downs:Foam rollers are both a warm-up tool and a recovery tool. Try swapping out static stretches in your warm-up for foam rolling.
  • Slow down:Avoid rolling too quickly; your movements on the foam roller should be slow and concentrated.
  • Move in multiple directions:For best results, combine up-and-down, side-to-side and other directional movements to best work your muscles.
  • Do it regularly- preferably daily:Using the foam roller daily is an excellent tool for muscle maintenance, injury prevention and pain relief.

Ready to try it? Come on in to CBRC and we’ll be happy to show you how to add a foam roller into your fitness routine!

We Wish You Good Health,

~Columbia Basin Racquet Club


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