Fitting In Working Out

calendarYou could argue that New Year’s Resolutions are actually more appropriate in September than in January. September, especially for families with kids living at home, is when schedules are set and life settles back into routine.

If only there were enough hours in the day to fit in everything we want to do- but, we know the reality is that we have to prioritize the important things in order to make them happen. This is especially true with our fitness goals- if we don’t add fitness/working out to the “important” category, it won’t happen.

But how do you add fitness into an already full schedule?

1: Fall is the perfect time to try something new! If one of your reasons for pushing workouts to the bottom of the list is that you really don’t enjoy it- maybe it’s time to mix it up! Try a yoga class, join an ALLOY group (here’s our recent post about the ALLOY program), try Zumba, take up swimming, or join a cycling group- whatever it is that you’ve always been curious about trying, now’s a perfect time to test it out! Even something as simple as switching the days you workout on can help make a routine feel new again.

2: Make activity fun. Grab some books on tape to listen to during your workout, download some great new dance music to help motivate you, or invest in one of the fitness tech devices (link to post) you’ve been wondering about and join a challenge group. Also-invite a friend to workout with you! Having a friend alongside can help motivate you and also make it a lot harder to skip your workout on the days when you’re just not feeling it.

3: Though we always love to see you walking through the doors here at CBRC, don’t think that “fitness” ONLY has to happen at the gym. A brisk walk around the neighborhood with your dog, family bike rides, dance parties in your living room (the younger kids love these)- the goal is to get your heart pumping and your muscles working, wherever that happens.

Think of what you could do at work as well. If you sit at a desk all day, try to take a few walk breaks throughout your workday, or maybe walk the stairs a couple of times on your lunch break. You could even start a break-time walking club with a few of your co-workers, chances are really good that you’ll find friends who are more than happy to walk with you!

4. Add more steps. Even if you aren’t counting your steps, adding more walking to your day is always a good thing. Park further away from your office or the store and walk in, take the stairs instead of the elevator, get up and walk around your home during commercial breaks. Every single step counts!

5. Make workout time, YOU time. You really are doing this for you! Exercise is an investment in your health and wellness and carving out even just a single hour a week is a step towards a healthier you. Working out is one of the best stress relievers around- and we know your September calendar is probably overflowing- just schedule your workout time as “stress relief!” 🙂

We wish you good health and hope to see you in the Club this fall!

~Columbia Basin Racquet Club


Photo Credit: Dafne Cholet: Flickr


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