5 Reasons to Work With a Personal Trainer


Ever wondered why you might need a personal trainer? Or how a trainer could help you reach your fitness goals? Here are our 5 favorite reasons to work with a personal fitness coach:

  • You Are Totally Confused

There are SO many options out there. In this age of information overload, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and confused- especially as it relates to fitness and diet (Sorry ladies, Pinterest workouts are usually not all they’re cracked up to be…). How do you sift through the information and know what is real? And it’s tough to narrow down a program and commit to it, especially when you really don’t fully understand how to do it. If you are having a hard time choosing or figuring out how to perform your routine, then it’s time to call a trainer. A good trainer will sift through the information for you and put on a path to success.

  • You Have Stopped Making Gains

The dreaded “plateau” hits the best of us. There is no “one-size-fits-all” fitness routine. Even the best routine will eventually stop showing gains- it means you’ve reached the maximum that fitness plan has to offer and that it’s time to shake things up. You can save a lot of time and wasted energy if you hire a trainer when you hit a fitness plateau.  A trainer can dissect your fitness routine (think investigator at a crime scene:) and make the appropriate changes to put you back on track to faster results.

  • You’re Unsure About Your Form

One of the easiest ways to stifle results is to use poor exercise form. You can work out day-in and day-out, but unless you perform your exercises correctly, you won’t see the results you’re looking for. Bad form can also cause serious injuries. A trainer will teach you how to perform your routine safely and efficiently- and get the results you want.

  • You Need To Be Challenged

Let us tell you a story about a guy we know- we’ll call him Jeff. Jeff wanted to become a Law Enforcement Officer and took the physical fitness assessment. His 1.5 mile timed run was just a few seconds too slow and he did not pass the test. Jeff was understandably frustrated by his results; it took him a couple of years to decide to try the test again. This time he hired a personal trainer for twice weekly sessions. Having the trainer waiting for him meant he couldn’t skip his workouts. Having a trainer there working with him meant he pushed harder. After a few months of training Jeff took the physical fitness assessment again and passed with flying colors (second fastest time of the day). The moral of the story- a trainer can develop a personal fitness plan that gets you where YOU want to go. And they’ll help you stick with it!

  • Injuries & Special Needs

Have an ankle that is prone to injury? Maybe a wrist that you sprained in college and keeps giving you problems? Or perhaps you’re coming back from surgery? Trainers, physical therapists, and doctors work together to build specialized fitness plans that are effective yet safe for your specific needs. Ignoring your injuries and conditions can cause even more damage, and working out is supposed to create better health, not impair you further. If you have an injury or special need/condition, PLEASE talk to a trainer!

And if you need to find an excellent trainer- we just happen to have quite a few on staff here at CBRC- we’d love to introduce you! 🙂

We wish you good health,

~Columbia Basin Racquet Club



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