Fitness Ally- ALLOY

Ally: (verb) To join (yourself) with another person, group, etc., in order to give Kids Play Advertisement
support (Merriam-Webster definition)

Have you ever had a fitness ally? They go by many names: workout buddy, running partner, team-mate, and even trainer or coach. Having an ally is to have someone who cheers you on and picks you up when you need it. Notice also that the word ally is a verb- which means it’s an action, or something that happens- you could say that having/being an ally is something that you DO, not just something you check off on a list. “Yup, got one of those, carry on…” No- an ally is engaged and active, which is why we believe ally is the perfect word for someone who supports you on your fitness journey!

We’re using “ally” like the word coach- you can have a coach, you can be a coach, or you can offer coaching.

Two years ago, here at CBRC, we started looking for a way to offer personal training in a more affordable platform. We brought in the ALLOY program to fill that need (note the words ALLOY and Ally aren’t exactly the same- but we’ll get to that). Since then we’ve seen the power of numbers and the positive pressure of a team completely transform people’s fitness journeys!

ALLOY is a circuit based, team style fitness program that takes a group of people- regardless of which fitness level the come in at- and helps them reach their individual fitness goal in a team environment. Kind of like back in High School if you played team sports- you all work out together and build each other up.

There are 4 pieces to the ALLOY program, each of these sections are built into every workout:

Dynamic warm up- much like the ones professional athletic teams use- this focuses on balance, stability, and moving your joints into the correct positions.

Circuit style training- It’s not all cardio, and it’s not all strength training. It pulls from both disciplines to help you lose fat, gain muscle (which also helps you lose fat), and build stamina.

Fun team finisher- you work harder when you’re having fun right? We harness healthy competition to help you enjoy your time and make it through that final push of your workout.

Foam rolling- when your muscles start to cool down they begin to tighten up. Athletes all over the world are realizing the benefits of foam rolling (in addition to/or sometimes in place of traditional stretching). Foam rolling helps to work the knots out of your muscles and prevent that post-workout “oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-make-it-up-these-stairs” feeling.

Each ALLOY workout is different which keeps your body guessing and prevents you from settling into a fitness rut. It also helps you avoid plateaus, which means you’ll make more progress towards your goals!

Joining ALLOY means you are jumping into a team; a group of people who are going to cheer you on, and text you to check-in when you don’t come to class for a week. It gives you an Ally- or rather, a whole group of Allies. You’re building your own little fitness community, and many times the friendships formed in workouts translate into friendships outside of the gym as well!

Jen T. shared the reasons she’s appreciated the program as she worked towards getting back into a fitness routine:

“For some reason or another we all have excuses for why we don’t get into the gym. For me, it was injury and putting everything else before myself…

ALLOY Training offers me an opportunity to come back gradually, without the feeling of overdoing it or doing too little. The group atmosphere offers a positive environment with upbeat music, a little competitive atmosphere if you want to make it so, and different trainings each week to keep it fresh. Experienced trainers monitor every workout, watch form, and motivate. I am not just doing the exercises I am comfortable with but exercises that strengthen the body all around as well as work on stability. My knee pain is gone as I have gotten stronger and as I continue to be diligent about foam rolling my sore muscles…. But even more importantly, I FEEL better. Stronger. And it is noticeable.”

We’ve seen first hand, through Jen’s story, and others, that ALLOY is filling the need we were hoping it would. We’re keeping it! 🙂

We wish you good health!

~Columbia Basin Racquet Club


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