Tennis- A Re-Emerging Sport

tennisWhat on earth do we mean by re-emerging?

Tennis has always been a very popular sport in Europe, but the sport has appeared to take a back burner here in the U.S. for a number of years. In the 20-teens decade we’ve seen a re-energized interest in the sport of tennis. Many people are retiring (Baby-Boomers) and going back to a sport they loved years ago, some are picking the sport up as an adult and realizing just how social and fun it really is, plus, younger kids are starting to learn how to play which brings the interest to a brand new generation. We’re seeing Tennis start to gain traction again across many generations- this is exciting to watch!

There are several reasons that adults are picking up the sport and discovering a new passion. But perhaps the biggest reason that adults can so easily learn the sport is because tennis is a very analytical process. And it’s best if you aren’t perfect right away.

CBRC Tennis Pro, Will Taylor, says that if his students learn anything at all from him he wants it to be: “If you’re missing, you’re learning.” Every time you get the ball over the net, even if it’s not perfect, you’re becoming a better tennis player.

There are two main mechanics to the sport of Tennis:

-Serve. You have to be able to serve the ball. This is the first thing you’ll learn.

-Spin. We tell students “Spin is in- In is win.” The way you hold your racquet, the way you step into the serve, the way you swing; all of those factors determine how that tennis ball is going to spin. And how the ball spins ultimately determines whether it lands on the other side. When you’re starting out, it doesn’t really matter how you get that ball across the net, just that you do. Once you start to realize how the different motions and movements affect your ball, then you learn how to control that spin. Even if your hit isn’t perfect, just as long as it gets across the net- you can learn from it for next time!

Besides the mechanics- Tennis is an excellent workout, both in terms of cardio and conditioning. At the higher levels the average singles match is equivalent to 4 miles worth of sprints.  Tennis is played with your legs first, and balance is imperative as you navigate back and forth across the court. Besides working your legs, the combination of balance and swing are near-perfect core conditioning activities. Each swing uses similar muscles to a push up exercise. The result is a full body workout- without monotony.

An interesting and lively game, the opportunity to analyze your own performance and make instant adjustments, a social atmosphere, an engaging workout, and logical processes behind each step- these are some of the reasons people are falling in love with tennis.

If you’ve ever been curious about the game, come chat with our Tennis Pros, we’d love to tell you all about it.

We wish you good health,

~Columbia Basin Racquet Club


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