Wearable Tech + Fitness

16721961192_588d1234ca_zRemember those old sci-fi movies where they could talk into their watches? Now we can talk to each other, connect to the internet, track our fitness, and I guess you can always facebook from your “watch” if you really want to. No really, new wearable technology can do so much more than just social networking!

Many people have already figured out how helpful watch-style tech devices can be in helping to reach their fitness goals. About 40% (ish) of our members sport some sort of wearable technology. We love to see this for many reasons:

For starters, wearable tech devices help you think of fitness as a mindset, not just an activity. Let’s face it, we’re all pretty goal oriented, if you set a benchmark of X,000 steps, and are tracking that activity it’s a whole lot easier to put down the remote and get up and moving in the evening. Fitbits, Smartwatches, and other tech keep your mind on your daily activity goals and help you reach those goals by tracking and reminding you throughout the day.

Wearable devices that track your heart rate also help to give you a clearer picture of your health. So much so that many employers and insurance companies are now offering prizes and rewards for participants in various challenges. We know of several hospitals in the state who gave fitbit devices to all their nursing staff and ran step competitions throughout the year. Some insurance companies give out wearable tech devices and offer a reduced premium to individuals who maintain a certain level of activity. Some physical therapy/rehab practices utilize these devices as well.

Your heart rate is a big deal. Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans (2015 stats, CDC.gov) accounting for 25% of all adult deaths. That’s not even counting the people who had heart attacks and lived to tell about it! Doctors throughout the country are having hard conversations every day with patients, practically begging them to get up, get moving, and get their heart working. Wearable tech gives a tangible result for individuals trying to monitor their heart rates.

That tangibility isn’t just for people trying to reduce their risk of heart attack- it also helps you reach your fitness goals by allowing you and your trainer to see just how hard your body is working. This lets you develop a specialized fitness plan that matches YOUR body and ability. It can also help ward off plateaus and workout slumps and allows you to adjust the intensity of your fitness plan as your heart becomes more efficient. Endurance athletes often wear their fitness tech devices 24 hours a day to track sleeping heart rates as well. When sleeping/resting heart rates start to elevate- that is the first sign that athletes might be overtraining and need to scale down the intensity of their workouts.

We’re not saying you need to rush out and buy some wearable tech device, and we don’t (currently) recommend one device over another- but we can definitely see the potential benefits of using this technology in your fitness journey. Want advice on the who/what/how of wearable tech and how it could help YOUR workout plan- ask any of our Certified Personal Trainers!

We wish you good health,

~Columbia Basin Racquet Club


Photo credit: Kārlis DambrānsFlickr


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